Asahi is a Health Practice

Asahi is a Finnish mind-body health practice

Asahi is a Nordic Health fitness program

Asahi is a Finnish mind-body health practice, which was designed to meet the modern medical recommendations for healthy physical activity. Anyone can practice Asahi Nordic, or Asahi, for short, regardless of age or physical condition and without any mat or extra equipment. Usually Asahi is done as an outdoor or indoor group activity, but it can also be done at home as a personal practice or with friends.

Ways to practice

Asahi  Asahi is made up of easy movements and its health benefits are backed up by modern scientific sport medicine research. Since Asahi is designed to be as simple as possible, it is accessible for people of all ages and in all states of health, even for those who have never exercised before or for those with weight issues.

Asahi strengthens the legs and develops balance. Practicing Asahi increases metabolism and boosts immunity to illness. It can also help with general health issues, such as pains in the back, shoulder and neck areas and is a natural way to relieve the psychosomatic symptoms caused by stress.