Take care of your body and mind with health exercise!

Practice Asahi with us! Asahi is a health practice from  Finland

Asahi Nordic Health Exercise Method is a proud bearer of the Finnish Service Label, which guarantees that our method has been developed in Finland.


Asahi - the Finnish Health Exercise. Asahi is an easy and efficient way of improving your health. A Simple And Healthy Idea.

Asahi is health exercise that takes care of the body and mind.

Asahi is a versatile health exercise suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Originating from Finland, Asahi is known for its holistic approach, incorporating gentle movements synchronized with slow breathing. Whether you're an athlete seeking post-workout recovery or an individual looking for stress relief, Asahi offers a fitness program that caters to everyone.

Asahi is a Fitness Program for All Ages

Discover the undeniable benefits of regular exercise supported by studies, improving health, and enhancing overall quality of life. Asahi's principles align with the health organisations´ perspective on health exercise, making it a reliable choice.

The Undeniable Benefits of Regular Exercise for Improved Health and Quality of Life

According to studies, regular exercise undoubtedly brings benefits. Health improves, and the quality of life enhances. Exercise contributes to the improvement of everyday functional capacity and workability. Particularly, the ability of aging individuals to manage independently improves with the help of exercise.

Asahi Nordic Method: Your Path to Universal Well-being

Embrace simplicity with the Asahi Nordic Method, a user-friendly exercise routine that adapts to your unique needs. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or seeking a gentle approach to well-being, this method offers a universal solution.

  • Tailored for all age groups and fitness levels 
  • Simple yet comprehensive, focusing on overall health improvement 
  • Efficient and adaptable to individual capabilities

Becoming an Asahi Instructor: Join Asahi Nordic's Training Sessions

Join Asahi Nordic's training sessions to become an Asahi instructor or simply enjoy the positive impact of this fitness program. Embrace the opportunity to improve your well-being and everyday functional capacity. As the aging population seeks ways to maintain independence, Asahi emerges as a valuable tool for achieving a fulfilling elderly life.

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  • Asahi Nordic beginners´ course ONLINE

Based on Medical Science

The ideas and health benefits of Asahi are based in Western medical research. Internist and Geriatric Specialist Yrjö Mähönen has been largely responsible for the the medical research related to Asahi.

Practice or learn to become and instructor

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